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 Is Nudism Exhibitionism?

Nudism is not equivalent to exhibitionism. It is people who enjoy being nude and who are not primarily interested in seeing others naked or being seen naked by others. That being said, all kinds of people are attracted to the movement, for all kinds of reasons. Many naturists are convinced that increased exposure to the natural environment, made easier through nudity, can result in numerous health benefits. Sunlight has been shown to be beneficial in some skin conditions, and is required by the body to make vitamin D. Naturists often claim that they are more relaxed and in a better state of mind when they shed their clothes.

Being around like-minded people can make interpersonal interactions, such as meeting new friends, easier and many nudist organizations are really just big social clubs. Indeed, some of these clubs have stricter entrance requirements then some traditional up-scale 'country clubs' - requiring references, a sponsoring member, a trial membership, committee approval etc. At the other end of the spectrum is 'unorganized' naturism in which there is nothing to join, no one to pay, and only civil, common and criminal law to serve as rules of etiquette. Many people get their first exposure to the naturist movement through this kind of informal nudism (eg. a clothing optional beach, a friend's place in the woods, a party on the shore).

Most nudists and nudist organizations maintain and try to enforce a no sex in public policy, (nude, not lewd) and it is rare to see obvious signs of sexual behavior at most sites. These are the stereotypical family-oriented clubs and beaches. Some fringe groups and gatherings (such as Swingstock) are more like sex clubs and not considered by most to be examples of true nudism.

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Q: I am really interested in nudism but have some questions about it. Question one (1) I shave my pubic hair so there is none remaining is there a problem about being an 18 year old nudist with no pubic hair? Question two (2) Are the restrooms in a nudist park co-ed and do they have blockers or not. Question three (3) What if I get an erection when I am nude is there a rule of conduct that I must follow?

Great Questions!

1) There are a LOT of shaved men and women at nudist clubs. Nudists tend to be more well groomed in that area than the rest of society.

2) The restrooms in nudist parks are just the same as everywhere else. Just because you're nude, doesn't mean that you don't deserve privacy.

3) This is a VERY common question. It would be terribly bad manners to get an erection at a nudist park because these places are family oriented. If you feel an erection coming on, it is nudist etiquette to carry a towel with you at all times to sit on. In case of an erection problem, just use your towel to cover up and have a seat in the nearest available chair. Or you could jump in the pool.

Nudism and My Girlfriends
I guess you can say I've been a nudist now for about six months and I love it!

My first experience was at New York's Robert Moses Beach on Long Island. A party was going on at that beach and many of my friends met there that afternoon. That particular beach is 'clothing required', but 10 minutes walk down to the east is a nude beach. Some people in the group wanted to go but no one seemed comfortable with being naked around all their long time friends who had never seen each other naked all these years. Finally, my girlfriend and her female friend (who had once been married to a nudist) decided to go. I wanted to go, but I figured my girlfriend's friend might feel uncomfortable. About 5 minutes later, the two came back. My girlfriend said it was okay with her friend if I wanted to go. So off the 3 of us went.

As we walked along, we started to see naked bodies and my heart began to race. I had never been around anyone naked other than my girlfriends and of course my parents when i was young. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't stop at first. And then it all became natural somehow. We found a spot in the sand and spread out our towels. To my girlfriend's surprise, I was the first one to strip off my suit. She thought i was going to chicken out. Soon the three of us were completely naked and having conversation just like everyone else around us. It felt so good to feel the breeze caressing my skin in places the wind had never caressed. The warmth of the sun felt equally amazing and free. I didn't want to leave. I have visited Sandy Hook (nude beach in New Jersey) every chance I've gotten, since. I wish I could do everything in the nude!

I guess it was easy for me to make the switch to naturism. I had sunned discreetly for several years before my friends, a married couple, asked me if I would like to join them at a nearby hot spring. I hesitated to asked my girlfriend because I thought she would think we were all perverts or something, but she said she would like to go see what it was all about. We had a blast! Maybe it was easier for us because we were joining another couple, rather than just going as individuals, but we obviously wanted to indulge in what we all had secretly contemplated. Of course we felt somewhat awkward at first, seeing our longtime friends in the buff, and them seeing us, but we got over it in hurry as we relaxed in the warm waters of El Dorado Hot Springs. It was a great day, and that's what eventually led to our fledgling Desert Sun Naturist group.

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