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What a better place to relax naked than at home? Sure, you don't always get the social aspect of naturism, but, especially for those interested in starting out in naturism, it's an ideal venue. Many people (like me) who grew up in a traditional family are used to spending all their time around the house clothed, being nude only briefly in the bedroom and bathroom. If this sounds like you, find a time when everyone is out and you're not likely to be disturbed, strip off  and have a little wonder around the house. If it feels good, you could be suppressing some naturist tendencies.

Personally, nearly everyday that it is warm enough, I spend time nude around the house. Whether it's doing the housework or just chilling out in front of the television, it all seems so much more relaxing and natural while I'm naked. Yes even doing the washing-up can be a pleasure when you do it au-natural. My girlfriend is more than happy for me to be nude around the home and most of the time she goes naked too. As for visitors, it really depends who is calling as to whether I cover up or not.

Although I've been unexpectedly caught out twice, my rule is, if it's not someone who knows my preference to be nude and or it's someone that isn't happy with it, I get dressed. You may also have heard the phrase Home Nudist, this is sometimes used to describe a person who is full-time naked around the house, or other times to describe someone who enjoys naturism at home, but doesn't go to a club or beach etc. To my mind, anyone who regularly enjoys spending a bit of time nude around the house (even if it's only in their own room) can call themselves a naturist or home nudist.

The amount of freedom you have is dependent upon where you live. If you are in a city then you will have fewer options that if you were in the country with lots of wide open spaces. This page is really about telling you how I coped with different situations and getting you to think about the options open to you.

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Katie's First Time Experience

Crystal's wardrobe spans the hues of the rainbow. Her fashion follows her moods. One day, she imitates the butterfly with a gala splash of colors and butterfly earrings. Another day, she'll be off to play with children she is baby-sitting, complete with floppy sun bonnet and long spiral earrings chosen especially to bring a sparkle to the young faces. Her bouncy walk and perky smile belie the fragility of her slender five-foot frame.

Self-composed with her clothes on, Crystal started out feeling horrified at the thought of anyone seeing her naked. She had recently lost over 75 pounds. She saw herself as a mass of ugly wrinkles and rolls of flab.

Then Crystal grew to love a man who was a nudist at heart. His lively sense of humor, lack of shame, and total comfort with his physical body prompted Crystal to look at her own body with a less critical eye. He portrayed for her the relaxed world of nudity! His height, and the wrinkles due to age, illness, and weight loss gave him the look of a garden scarecrow. Even so, he walked around his house in only a T- shirt.

Once she had experienced freedom and acceptance from her companion, Crystal welcomed my invitation to come to my nudist club event with me.

When I asked her what interested her in the clothes-free lifestyle, Crystal told me, "I'm not interested in social nudity. I'm drawn to it. What draws me is the freedom. It's only when we get rid of our cover-ups that we have even a chance to live in peace."

Now Crystal has made friends within the nudist community and looks forward to each opportunity to join in our activities. Nude and animated among friends, her colorful personality shines even more brightly with her new-found freedom.

Sandy's Nudist Story ::

Strikingly beautiful with intense dark eyes, platinum blond hair, and great curves, Sandy gestures expansively. She giggles. As she talks, a whimsical smile plays merrily across her face.

Sandy quickly lets me know she doesn't have the perfect body. "Too fat," she says, with a whisper of a sigh, breaking into a large grin, "but it doesn't matter. That's what I like about nude recreation. We're all equal. We all look alike. No one person is any better than another."

"I look for the sun to shine now that I'm a nudist," Sandy says. "In fact, I can hardly wait for it. I plan my weekends around whether the sun is shining or not."

Outdoors (soaking in the sun, playing shuffleboard, walking through the forest), or indoors (sharing a hot tub, eating a communal meal, conversing by the fireside), time spent in nude recreation is quality time.

You'll find everything you are looking for in nude recreation -- relaxation, camaraderie and socialization; a legal, safe and secure environment; a family atmosphere where you can go alone, with friends, with a partner, or with your children.

Nudity is the freedom of speech and thus protected by the First Amendment!
Welcome to the world where being nude is a not a crime!
Join other members and visitors on a tour of what nude living is all about.


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