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Nudism at the beach is a great place for many people to go nude. Many countries have official (and unofficial) nudist beaches, and these can be great fun if you have transport to get to one. As with naturist swims, they kind of highlight the futility of the bathing (swimming) costume. Why tie a little bit of cloth round your waist, only for it to become damp, clingy, clammy and cold? The also prevent you from getting a nice, even, all over tan. The feeling of a warm sea breeze gently blowing over your naked body is also something hard to beat.

Nudist beaches generally have a friendly, outgoing atmosphere, and while your not obliged to mingle, you'll often find people say hello as they walk past. If you're not sure where your nearest nudist beach is, using a search engine like Google will often turn up a list. Many countries have websites that list the official and unofficial nudist beaches and for those reluctant to try a beach at home, you will probably be able to find a naturist friendly beach at your favorite holiday destination. Last but not least, don't forget to brush up on the local laws and customs before going nude. 

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Q: I've always wanted to go to a naturist club but I have a problem of always getting a hard-on looking at naked women. So, if I'm going to visit a naturist club, I'm going to be facing lots of problems trying to cover up. My question is, what will all the naturists think when they see me being hard? What should I do about it?

A: Normally erections are not a problem because nudist venues are not sexually stimulating environments. But if it becomes apparent that an erection is on the rise, well, it's common courtesy to carry a towel with you to sit on at nudist resorts, and incidentally that towel comes in handy for just such an erection emergency.

If you are seen with an erection at a nudist resort you are more than likely to get thrown out, so it's not a good idea to parade an erection around at nudist venues. After all, it is a family environment.


I Love It Even Though...
by Paul

When I was 7 several of us were playing. One of the girls said she would get naked. How cool. She asked the boys to join her and no one did, so I said I would. It was just so great to be there naked and natural like that. It was the first time I was ever nude with anyone and I loved it.

I never had a chance to be nude till I was older. In high school we went on a trip with my family to St.Martin's Orient Beach. It was so cool so many naked people. My family was amused and I stayed naked with them. Then I went down the beach, took off my suit, and walked down the beach naked. So many people naked and so many clothed. I loved it. I stood in line at a restroom naked and it was so neat. I had to put lotion on parts that never were tanned before and it was so cool to just stand and do it. There were two girls watching me and it seemed so natural. They were my age.

I spent the afternoon avoiding my family and being nude all day. I was hooked. One thing I did notice though is that I was a little smaller ... all right .... a lot smaller than every guy there. You know what I mean. My little penis was about an inch and a half soft and looked like a little mushroom cap.

Sometimes some girls would giggle when I walked by, but I didn't care, I still loved being naked. I am very thin and muscular and girls say good looking, but I am very small, so it was embarrassing at first.

Now, I go to nude beaches whenever I can, I love Haulover in Florida. I even trim my pubic hair really close and I don't mind if some girls giggle at my small little penis. I love it even though ...

I go naked at my house whenever I can and when I go to college I am never going to wear clothes at home. I love to be naked as much as possible. Sure, I wish I was bigger, but it just isn't important. It does reach almost 5 inches when I am excited, still small but oh well.

No matter how you look, you should get nude as often as you can. It is the greatest.

I hope this will help other guys who are small or girls with small breasts realize that being nude can be great no matter what you look like.

And, if you see a small guy, laugh if you want, but get to know him, he may be a great guy!!

"The best thing to do would be to designate everywhere as clothing optional, and we could leave little fenced in areas for the prudes to prance around in. Call them "Prudist Camps". They could peer out of their fences and indulge in their offensive "I'm offended" behavior whenever they saw a natural person walk by, without bothering the rest of us."
Nudity is the freedom of speech and thus protected by the First Amendment!
Welcome to the world where being nude is a not a crime!
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